Insulation Services

Home Insulation Grants Available

Grants are available for Cavity Wall and Attic Insulation. Topping Up Of Existing Walls and Loft Insulation are also included. Please visit S.E.A.Í website for more information.

Please Note: Applicants must ensure that grant approval is recieved before proceeding with any product purchase or installation work.

The Attic

If you don’t have adequate attic insulation you are losing energy and money through the roof. If your attic insulation is currently less than 200 mm then you need to think about getting more insulation. This is a long term investment and will typically pay-back in less than three years.

The Walls

25% of heat lost in a typical home escapes by the walls. Insulation is the first step to help reduce your energy costs. In most cases insulation is considered an economically justified home improvement.

Roll Fibre

Batts of roll fibre insulation can be installed by us in your home where roll fibre is applied between the joists in the attic and stud walls in your home

Blowing Fibre

Blown fibre is fibreglass insulation, similar to roll fibre and can be blown into the attic space. It is ideal for fitting into awkward corners or obstructions in the loft

Bonded Bead Cavity Wall

Apollo Construction and Insulation are NSAI approved to fit cavity wall insulation if you have cavity walls in your home. We apply polyurethane beads mixed with

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is an alternative type of insulation in your home which can prove cost effective on your heating bills, can reduce your carbon footprint in your

Ecocell Cellulose Fibre

Cellulose Fibre, provided by Apollo Construction and Insulation is a natural, recycled fibre insulation which is applied by blowing into the loft spaces and stud

Dry Lining

Dry Lining is insulated boards applied to the walls in your home and Apollo Construction and Insulation are qualified to carry out dry lining works should this

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Apollo Insulation

  • Qualified Installers
  • Registered Contractor Under The Home Energy Saving Scheme
  • Over 20 Years Experience In The Construction Industry
  • All Works Are Carried Out By Trained Installers
  • Specialist Equipment Using The Latest Technology
  • All Materials Conform To The Highest Standards
  • Can Provide Any Other Construction Service That’s Required

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